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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 104, Issue 4

Volume 104, Issue 4

  Prosecuting Immigration [citation]   Ingrid V. Eagly 1281-1360
  Property as/and Constitutional Settlement [citation]   Timothy Zick 1361-1440
  A Psychology of Intellectual Property [citation]   Jeanne C. Fromer 1441-1510
  Values and (Market) Valuations: A Critique of the Endowment Tax Consensus [citation]   Ilan Benshalom & Kendra Stead 1511-1558
  Statutory Interpretation as a Multifarious Enterprise [citation]   Todd D. Rakoff 1559-1586
  Jones v. Harris Associates L.P. and the Limits of Public Choice Textualism [citation]   Daniel D. Birk 1587-1622
  Res Judicata Claim Preclusion of Properly Filed Citizen Suits [citation]   Justin Vickers 1623-1652
  Salazar v. Buono: Sacred Symbolism and the Secular State [citation]   Ian Bartrum 1653-1664
  An Empirical Study of the Role of the Written Description Requirement in Patent Examination [citation]   Dennis Crouch 1665-1680