Law Review
Northwestern Law
Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 107, Issue 3

Spring 2013, Volume 107, Issue 3

  Contested Shore: Property Rights in Reclaimed Land and the Battle for Streeterville [citation]   Joseph D. Kearney & Thomas W. Merrill 1057–1124
  The Chief Justice, the Appointment of Inferior Officers, and the "Court of Law" Requirement [citation]   James E. Pfander 1125–1180
  The Meaning of the Seventeenth Amendment and a Century of State Defiance [citation]
  Zachary D. Clopton & Steven E. Art 1181–1242
  The Upside-Down Inequitable Conduct Defense [citation]   Tun-Jen Chiang 1243–1306
  An FDA for Financial Innovation: Applying the Insurable Interest Doctrine to Twenty-First-Century Financial Markets [citation]   Eric A. Posner & E. Glen Weyl 1307–1358
  The Myth of a Value-Free Injury Law: Constitutive Injury Law as a Cultural Battleground [citation]   Michael L. Rustad 1359–1374
  Racketeering After Morrison: Extraterritorial Application of Civil RICO [citation]   Daniel Hoppe 1375–1402
  Prevention, Not Prejudice: The Role of Federal Guidelines in HIV-Criminalization Reform [citation]   Sarah J. Newman 1403–1436
  Reviving the Privacy Protection Act of 1980 [citation]   Elizabeth B. Uzelac 1437–1468
  The Contraception Mandate [citation]   Caroline Mala Corbin 1469–1484
  Erie's International Effect [citation]   Michael Steven Green 1485–1502