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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 99, Issue 1

Volume 99, Issue 1

SYMPOSIUM: The Rehnquist Court

Hard Cases Make Good Judges

Suzanna Sherry

Pragmatism vs. Ideology in Free Speech Cases

Eugene Volokh

The Revolution that Wasn't

M. Elizabeth Magill

Separation of Powers and the Rehnquist Court: The Centrality of Clinton v. City of New York

Steven G. Calabresi

Federalism vs. States' Rights:  A Defense of Judicial Review in a Federal System

John O. McGinnis and Ilya Somin

The Judicial Safeguards of Federalism

Neal Devins

Religion and the Rehnquist Court

Kent Greenawalt

Outsiders, Swing Justices, and Original Understanding:  Can the Religion Clauses Be Saved?  A Comment on Greenawalt

Stephen B. Presser

Takings and Private Property on the Rehnquist Court

Eric R. Claeys

The Inevitable Failure of Nuisance-Based Theories of the Takings Clause:  A Reply to Professor Claeys

Stewart E. Sterk

The Rehnquist Court 's Pragmatic Approach to Civil Rights

Nelson Lund

Pragmatism and Judgment:  A Comment on Lund

Mark Tushnet

The Rehnquist Court and Administrative Law

Michael Herz

It's the O'Connor Court:  A Brief Discussion of Some Critiques of the Rehnquist Court and Their Implications for Administrative Law

Michael B. Rappaport


From Hit Man to a Military Takeover of New York City:  The Evolving Effects of Rice v. Paladin Enterprises on Internet Censorship

Andrianna D. Kastanek

Why Disparate Impact Claims Should Not Be Allowed Under the Federal Employer Provisions of the ADEA

George O. Luce

Virtual Spaces Formed by Literary Works:  Should Copyright or Property Rights (or Neither) Protect the Functional Integrity and Display of a Web Site?

Jill E.C. Yung