Notebook Program

Notebook Program

All incoming JD and JD-MBA students are required to have a computer that meets or exceeds the University's recommended guidelines. We believe that notebook computers offer students the most flexibility because they can be used for taking notes in classes, connecting to the Law School network from connections in the Law School, Library and Residence Halls, uploading your resume and job posting through the Career Strategy Center and for writing exams in some courses.

We strongly advise that students purchase the notebook recommended and supported by the Law School Information Technology Department. The Law School IT department will NOT support hardware for non-Law School Program machines.

To make the purchase of notebook computers easier and more affordable, Northwestern Law sponsors a program through which students can purchase discounted notebooks that meet the school's standards and have the peripherals needed to connect to the Law School and University networks. These notebooks have been tested on the Law School and University networks and are fully supported by the IT Department. Notebooks other than the recommended laptops will not receive full Law School IT support.

JD-MBA Notebook Policy (pdf)

View Our Recommended 2014 - 2015 Notebook Models

Northwestern Law's IT department recommends not enabling the Windows Bitblocker feature for Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.

Why should I buy from the Law School Notebook Program?

The recommended notebooks meet the Northwestern University computing standards and have the combination of power, reliability, software, support, and warranty to last you through 3 years of law school. They come with a Microsoft Windows or Mac Operating System, an integrated wireless access, ample hard drive space and memory, options for CD-RW/DVD, and a 3-year full warranty. Should problems arise, the Law School IT Department can help troubleshoot these machines, and will have a limited number of loaners available if repairs are necessary. All major and minor hardware problems can be fixed for free onsite by any of our certified technicians.

What if I choose to not buy a Law School recommended notebook?

If you choose not to buy a Law School recommended notebook, the Law School recommends that you purchase a system that meets or exceeds the minimum Northwestern University IT guidelines.

The recommended configurations will satisfy the computer requirement and will provide you with a computer that has a useful lifespan during your academic stay. If you are interested in purchasing a system more powerful than the minimum configuration, we recommend that you upgrade the RAM, CPU, and hard drive, in that order. Please note that in choosing a notebook other than the recommended notebooks, you will not be able to participate in the IT Loaner program or receive Law School IT hardware support.

If you cannot decide between a desktop or notebook computer, we strongly recommend that you purchase a notebook computer through the Northwestern Law School Notebook Program.

Can I finance my computer purchase?

If you receive financial aid through the Law School, an additional $2,000 in funds will be provided for the purchase of a computer, printer, and software. Students have the option of declining this supplemental loan if additional funds are not needed.

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at (312) 503-8465 or the Chicago Campus Office of Financial Aid at (312) 503-8722.