The web developers in Law Information Technology can help you with your survey, registration, and RSVP form needs.

Please email a description of what you need to If requesting a survey, registration, or RVSP form please include the information below (all questions require responses).

For registration forms where online credit card payments are needed, please see the E-commerce page.

  1. Timeframe
    • When do you need the survey to be live?
    • When should it close?
  2. Password protection
    • Do you need the survey to have a password?
  3. Restrictions and tracking
    • Can people fill out the survey more than once on the same computer (e.g., a computer lab situation)?
    • Do people need to come back in and edit their responses later (will it work to have them just fill the survey out again)?
    • Do you need to know if a certain person has filled out the survey?
  4. Questions
    • Please attach a document with the questions you would like on the survey. For each question, please indicate:
      • If it is required (it must be filled in to submit the survey)
      • Which of the following types it is:
        • small text box (less than 255 characters)
        • large text box (greater than 255 characters)
        • multiple-choice question where only one answer can be selected (radio button) OR
        • multiple-choice question where more than one answer can be selected (multiple-select)
        • other
  5. Text (instructions and confirmations)
    • Please supply:
      • Title of Survey
      • Text to be placed above the survey questions (introductory text, instructions, or contact information)
      • Text for the confirmation page (e.g., thank-you text to show after the survey is completed)
      • The URL to forward users to after the survey is completed
  6. Contact information 
    • Provide the name(s) and contact information to include on the form in case individuals have questions or need further assistance.
  7. Results
    • Provide the name(s) and contact information of those in the department who will need access to the results.
  8. Survey Communication
    • How will you be sending out the survey?
      • By email or posting a link on your website
      • Survey monkey can send out emails to potential survey respondents automatically. If this is a requirement, please let us know and we will provide further instructions.