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For Staff

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Requests for space should be made with 24 hour advanced notice. For reservations within the 24 hour window, contact Administrative Services during business hours at (312) 503-8463 for assistance. To view or edit an existing reservation, login and choose ‘View My Requests’ under the Reservations menu.

Room Reservations System (EMS)

For Students

Group Study Rooms

Study rooms are available for reservation for students working in groups of two or more. These rooms are located in the library and Levy Mayer. Please be aware that at certain times of the year the rooms are reserved for moot court competition or break-out rooms for classes.

Policy Reminder
Students may reserve student space for no more than 3 hours at a time. The room reservation system prohibits students from reserving space more than 3 days in advance. Patrons forfeit rooms if not present within fifteen minutes of the reserved time. Students not adhering to these guidelines will be in violation of the Honor Code.

Study rooms with TVs and VCRs: 277, 278, 279
Study rooms with LCD TVs and HDMI connections: 342, 343, 344, 380, 381, 382, 383

To reserve a DVD player, contact Law School Administrative Services: (312) 503-8463

For support with the Study Room Reservation System, contact the Student Bar Association.

Room Availability
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Student Organization Room Reservations

Student Event Requests

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