Public Service

Northwestern Law has a long history of fostering a commitment to public service in its students and graduates, and we continue to increase the volunteer opportunities. In 2002, the Law School adopted a Public Service Strategy, designed to build an ethic of service and giving among all students, regardless of their career path. Acknowledging that not all students will choose public interest law as a career, the strategy broadly defines public service to include legal and non-legal work in community organizations, advocacy groups, legal service offices, government agencies, and a wide variety of non-profit organizations.

A goal of this strategy is that each law student performs a minimum of 50 hours of public service before graduation. The public service work must be performed during the academic year without compensation or academic credit.

Northwestern Law offers an array of public service opportunities in three main categories:

Curricular Offerings
The curricular aspects of public service at Northwestern Law include:

Co-Curricular Opportunities
There are also many public service opportunities outside of the classroom:

Career Assistance
Students looking for summer or permanent public interest jobs receive assistance from the Career Strategy Center, including:

  • A Public Interest Advisor dedicated to assisting students in their search
  • LRAP Program for students with educational debt who work in the non-profit or government sectors after graduation
  • Pritzker Fellowships for graduates to work for one year in non-profit or government agencies


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Public Service Program at Northwestern Law, please contact the Public Service Coordinator:

Maureen Stratton, Public Service Coordinator
Northwestern University School of Law
McCormick Hall, Room 126
357 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611-3069
Phone: (312) 503-4558
Fax: (312) 503-2518

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