Public Service Stars

Students who fulfill Northwestern Law's public service hourly goal are honored at a luncheon during graduation week and receive special recognition at graduation. Their names are highlighted in the graduation bulletin, and they receive gold and purple honor cords and tassels to wear at the graduation ceremony.

In 2013-2014, 275 students logged more than 17,000 hours of public service, and 213 graduating seniors were recognized for completing their public service hours.

Are You A Star?

Turn in your Time Log to get on the Public Service Honor Roll.

Congratulations to the following students in the classes of 2015-2016 who have met or exceeded the public service goal:

Class of 2015

Jose Tomas Barros Harseim
Andrew Beatty
Leonardo Bellorio Battilana
Lili Behm
Julie Bellville
Adam Borenstein
Shelby Buettner
Casey Cahill
Nicolas Patricio Calderon Zegers
Robert Cameron
Alan Campbell
Holly Campbell
Nan Cao
Nicholas Carson
Suh-eun Chang
James Chen
Tiffany Chu
Kevin Chin
Na Jin Choi
Nam Young Choo
Kevin Connor
Ross Corbett
Elena Endrukaite
Wendy Feng
Deborah Filipovich
Marcelo Eugenio Guerra Salinas
Sarah Halbach
Matthew Heins
Alyssa Henning
Brian Hill
Nida Jafrani
Lawrence Jarvis
Jeffrey Kinney
Kathleena Kruck
April Larkin
Mario Harry Lavoura
Cristina Law
Abigail Leinsdorf
Kenneth Lewis
Victor Lin
Marta Malko
Barsha Mishra
Victoria Otero
Eric Ovitz
Kimberly Pathman
Emily Powers
Marie Salter
Thomas Santora
Joshua Schneider
Kimberly-Claire Seymour
T'Shae Sherman
Shelby Sklar
Anna Smialek
Geoffrey Stauffer
Andrew Thompson
Eric Walder
Shinong Wang
Richard Widmann
Philip Wong

Class of 2016     

Stephanie Adamo
Bennett Applegate
Caitlin Barlow
Patricia Boone
Brittany Bull
Younjin Choi
Justin Clune
Christian Colburn
Paige Cunningham
Joseph Delich
Wade Formo
Jordan Greenstein
Celina Guerra
Brenna Helppie-Schmieder
Paul Holmer
Kristen Jones
Amanda Koons
Richard Lintermans
Eric Liu
Kelly Mennemeier
Paloma Naderi
Jacqueline Nicholas
Rochelle Patel
Jacob Polin
Richard Shea
A.J. Singletary
Celia Spalding
Xin Wang
Tania Woods