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Michael Denklau
For questions about admissions or if you are a prospective student, please contact:
Connor Wilson
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James Suehr
For marketing, media, or website questions, please contact:
Andrew Kimball
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Viren Tellis



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About the JD-MBA Association

The JD-MBA Association consists of all students that are currently enrolled in the Northwestern University JD-MBA program, a joint degree between Northwestern Law School and the Kellogg School of Management. The Association membership is very diverse, with members whose undergraduate majors include: accounting, psychology, philosophy and religion, political science, English, history, government, industrial engineering, economics, computer science, and engineering. Our members have worked as consultants, analysts, for the administration, teachers, and engineers during the average five years that they worked prior to entering the JD-MBA Program.

Each year, the JD-MBA association works with the administration to help set the strategic vision for the program and to resolve any frictions that students experience. Additionally, with the help of our sponsorship, the association runs a number of events that:

  • Help build community and camaraderie amongst JD-MBA students
  • Demonstrate the importance of having a fundamental understanding of both law and business in the workplace
  • Bring in speakers for a conference run by the association


Name Class Position
Robert Hearne 2012 3J, Co-Chair
Kate Johnson 2012 Social
Andrew Kimball 2013 Media and Marketing
Matthew O'Grady 2012 Academics
Viren Tellis 2013 2J, Co-Chair
Jen Tighe 2013 Treasurer
Ben Waldin 2014 1J Representative
Connor Wilson 2013 Admissions

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