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Thinking Bravely(tm) in the classroom is only half of the battle. The Northwestern JD-MBA experience extends well beyond the walls of the school to the community in which campus, friends, colleagues, and fellow students live. From outings to the infamous Chicago Whirleyball, to nights at the Keg or Bar Review, to dinner with new and old friends, the experience of Northwestern is that of a community of memories and friends.

Class of 2015Class of 2016Class of 2017
Josh Altman
Nasri Ashkar
David Barrera Garza
Matt Cohen
Alex Cushman
Uttara Dukkipati
Ashley Elsner
Celeste Griffin-Churchill
Brian Hill
Kyle Huh
Ben Kaplan
Daniel Klein
Eric Lucchesi
Andrew Maslan
Caroline McKeon
Xiaoming Pan
Harrison Rogers
Jason Sandler
Callie Sigal Mattson
Yingzi Wang
Mark Willey
Meredith Wren
John Adams
Ben Applegate
Jenn Betts
Duda Cardoso
Jesse Chang
Dominique Collins
Glenton Davis
Kristofer Ekdahl
Farhad Fatakia
Derrik Gay
Blake Halperin
Caitlin Hanley
Matt Hasten
Alex Hirschorn
William Hong
Kwangwoo Kim
Stephen Lane
Danielle Lazarowitz
Jaebin Lee
Brad Meissen
Gerardo Mijares-Shafai
Jin Park
Kieran Patel
Christa Seid
AJ Singletary
Xin Wang
Sterling Williams
Seth Anderson
Grace Cao
Daniel Cho
Thomas De Gregoris
Drew Dilts
Rachel Feuerborn
Somil Ghelani
Phillip Goodman
Andrew Gorang
Jonathan Gordon
Peter Hearne
Justin Jang
Jessica Jeong
Soo Kim
Jeonghwa Lew
Nathan Liles
Brian Love
Leo Lucisano
Jennifer Mickel
Ngozi Nezianya
Leigh Rorick
Mario Samos, Jr
Alex Schwiebert
Thomas Toth Sydow
Christopher Wong
Kelly Yeager
Edward Yu

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