Diversity Education and Outreach

The mission of the Office of Inclusion & Engagement is twofold. First, the office seeks to provide support and guidance for diverse students. Second, the office seeks to create a diverse and inclusive Law School community that not only attracts and retains diverse students, staff, and faculty, but also maintains an intellectually rigorous environment in which diverse viewpoints are explored, shared and debated.

Constituencies the Office of Incusion & Engagement seeks to support and guide include culturally diverse and historically underrepresented ethnic groups, such as African Americans, Asian Americans, South Asian Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans, as well as others who are often underrepresented or marginalized, such as first generation students, gay, lesbian and transgender students, students with disabilities, veterans, older students, and students with children.

The Office of Incusion & Engagement provides support and guidance for diverse students as they meet the challenges of navigating law school and entering the legal profession. Through outreach targeted to every phase of law school and career -- from applying for admission to joining alumni networks -- the Office of Diversity Education and Outreach develops, supports, and maintains the interrelationships that foster student achievement and produce satisfied graduates.

The Office of Incusion & Engagement also strives to foster a diverse and inclusive law school community through programming on diversity-related topics for the entire law school community, including programming on microaggressions, unconscious bias, cross cultural, communication and conflict, and cross-cultural lawyering.

The foremost goal of the Office of Incusion & Engagement is the development of a diverse and inclusive Law School community, and the Director of Diversity Education and other Student Services staff work tirelessly with all of the Law School's constituencies to ensure that Northwestern Law continues to be a trailblazer on topics of diversity and inclusion in legal education and the legal profession.


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