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Congratulations on your admission to Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. We are eager to help you begin your legal education at Northwestern Law Orientation 2016.

We will be making updates and adding additional information in the next few weeks. Please bookmark this site and be sure to check back with us.

Welcome Message from Dean of Students & Assistant Dean of Students

Orientation Schedule

Orientation Schedule 
This schedule is tentative and subject to minor revisions. A final schedule will be available during Orientation.

August 22nd 1:30 p.m. Preparing for the First Day of Class
For Monday, August 22nd, you will attend two important sessions. One is titled  ''Introduction to the Court System''. This session, taught by Professor Elizabeth Inglehart and Brian Silbernagel, will be interactive. Be prepared to discuss Introduction to American Legal System. Please be prepared to complete these questions, regarding the court system during the session.
In the other session, Assistant Dean and Professor Susie Spies-Roth provides guidance on ''How to Prepare for First Day of Class''
*Please note, Transfer, MSL, LLM Human Rights and LLM/Tax Program students are not required to read this article.

August 22nd 2:45 p.m. Law, Ethics and Decision-Making (LEAD)
Please read and prepare to discuss, A Killer's 26-year-old Secret May Set Inmate Free, same reading for all sections.
Please read and prepare to discuss, 26-Year Secret Kept Innocent Man in Prison, same reading for all sections.

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