Law Review
Northwestern Law
Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 100, Issue 1

Volume 100, Issue 1: Special Issue 2006

  SYMPOSIUM: The First Century: Celebrating 100 Years of Legal Scholarship
  Foreword   Katherine Shaw and Georgia N. Alexakis i-iv
  100 Years and Counting [citation]   Dawn Clark Netsch and Harold D. Shapiro 1-23
  A Personal History of the Law Review [citation]   John Paul Stevens 25-26
  Race and Gender in the Law Review [citation]   Cynthia Grant Bowman, Dorothy Roberts, and Leonard S. Rubinowitz 27-70
  Miranda's Hollow Core  [citation]   Ronald J. Allen 71-86
  Putting a Price on Pain-and-Suffering Damages:  A Critique of the Current Approaches and a Preliminary Proposal for Change  [citation]   Ronen Avraham 87-120
  The Problem of the Faithless Elector:  Trouble Aplenty Brewing Just Below the Surface in Choosing the President  [citation]   Robert W. Bennett 121-130
  A Wistful Retrospective on Wigmore and His Prescriptions for Illinois Evidence Law  [citation]   Robert P. Burns 131-150
  The Terri Schiavo Case:  In Defense of the Special Law Enacted by Congress and President Bush  [citation]   Steven G. Calabresi 151-170
  The Income Tax and the Burden of Perfection  [citation]   Charlotte Crane 171-188
  The Contribution of the Infield Fly Rule to Western Civilization (and Vice Versa)  [citation]   Anthony D'Amato 189-200
  Revisiting the Unanimity Requirement:  The Behavior of the Non-Unanimous Civil Jury  [citation]   Shari Seidman Diamond, Mary R. Rose, and Beth Murphy 201-230
  Legal Clinics and the Better Trained Lawyer (Redux):  A History of Clinical Education at Northwestern  [citation]   Thomas F. Geraghty 231-258
  The Impact of Positive Political Theory on Old Questions of Constitutional Law and the Separation of Powers  [citation]   Tonja Jacobi 259-278
  Drug Policy and the Liberal Self  [citation]   Andrew Koppelman 279-294
  Trial Theory and Blind Poetics  [citation]   Steven Lubet 295-302
  Foreign to Our Constitution  [citation]   John O. McGinnis 303-330
  Testing the "Model Minority Myth"  [citation]   Miranda Oshige McGowan and James Lindgren 331-378
  Anachronisms in Subchapter K of the Internal Revenue Code:  Is It Time to Part with Section 736? [citation]   Philip F. Postlewaite and Adam H. Rosenzweig 379-404
  The Bogalusa Explosion, "Single Business Enterprise," "Alter Ego," and Other Errors:  Academics, Economics, Democracy and Shareholder Limited Liability:  Back Towards a Unitary "Abuse" Theory of Piercing the Corporate Veil  [citation]   Stephen B. Presser 405-436
  Legislative Deception, Separation of Powers, and the Democratic Process:  Harnessing the Political Theory of United States v. Klein  [citation]   Martin H. Redish and Christopher R. Pudelski 437-464
  Assisted Reproduction and the Law:  Disharmony on a Divisive Social Issue  [citation]   Helene S. Shapo 465-480
  Responsibility for Injuries:  Some Sketches [citation]   Marshall S. Shapo 481-500
  The Lurking Rule Against Accumulations of Income [citation]   Robert H. Sitkoff 501-516
  What Is Legal Doctrine? [citation]   Emerson H. Tiller and Frank B. Cross 517-533