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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 103, Issue 2

Volume 103, Issue 2

  Foreword: Original Ideas on Originalism [citation]   Brian A. Lichter &
David P. Baltmanis
  Constitutional Ambiguities and Originalism: Lessons from the Spending Power [citation]   Lynn A. Baker 495–548
  Framework Originalism and the Living Constitution [citation]   Jack M. Balkin 549–614
  The Misconceived Assumption About Constitutional Assumptions [citation]   Randy E. Barnett 615–662
  Two Cheers for Professor Balkin's Originalism [citation]   Steven G. Calabresi & Livia Fine 663–702
  Original Intention and Public Meaning in Constitutional Interpretation [citation]   Richard S. Kay 703–726
  Phony Originalism and the Establishment Clause [citation]   Andrew Koppelman 727–750
  Original Methods Originalism: A New Theory of Interpretation and the Case Against Construction [citation]   John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappaport 751–802
  Reconciling Originalism and Precedent [citation]   John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappaport 803–856
  Does the Constitution Prescribe Rules for Its Own Interpretation? [citation]   Michael Stokes Paulsen 857–922
  District of Columbia v. Heller and Originalism [citation]   Lawrence B. Solum 923–982
  Against Textualism [citation]   William Michael Treanor 983–1006
  The International Court of Justice's Advisory Jurisdiction and the Review of Security Council and General Assembly Resolutions [citation]   Mark Angehr 1007–1036
  The Reverse Triangular Merger Loophole and Enforcing Anti-Assignment Clauses [citation]   Shannon D. Kung 1037–1066
  Honor's Constitutional Moment: The Oath and Presidential Transitions [citation]   Paul Horwitz 1067–1080
  The Future of International Antitrust and Improving Antitrust Agency Capacity [citation]   D. Daniel Sokol 1081–1096