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Volume 105

We are excited to announce our acceptance of thirteen articles, four essays, and twelve student notes for our upcoming volume 105.  Many of these authors have posted preliminary drafts of their work on SSRN that can be accessed by clicking on the title. To view articles from our recently published issues 105:1 and 105:2, visit our issues page.


Volume 105, Issue 3:

Professor James Pfander and Mr. Dave Pekarek Krohn's article, Interlocutory Review by Agreement of the Parties: A Preliminary Analysis.

Professor Scott Peppet's article, Unraveling Privacy: The Personal Propsectus and the Threat of a Full Disclosure Future.

Professor Tun-Jen Chiang's article, The Levels of Abstraction Problem in Patent Law.

Professor Fredrick Tung's article, Pay for Banker Performance: Structuring Executive Compensation for Risk Regulation.

Judge Joel M. Flaum's essay, Factionalism: A Challenge to Judicial Independence

Professor Mark A. Lemley's essay, Point of Novelty.


Volume 105, Issue 4:

Professors Joseph Kearney and Thomas Merrill's article, Private Rights in Public Lands: The Chicago Lakefront, Montgomery Ward, and the Public Dedication Doctrine.

Professor Donald Childress's article, When Erie Goes International

Professor George Geis's article, An Appraisal Puzzle.

Professor Richard Revesz and Ms. Allison Westfahl Kong's article, Regulatory Change and Optimal Transition Relief.

Professor Craig Green's article, Ending Korematsu.


The Northwestern University Law Review will also be publishing the scholarly work of twelve of our members in Volume 105.  The pieces chosen for publication are:


Mark Berghausen, Intersex Employment Discrimination: How Title VII Prohibits Discrimination on Anatomical Sex Nonconformity

Brian Caster, After NatWest: How Courts Should Handle OECD Commentary in Treaty Interpretations

Christina Chan, Support for the First Line of Defense: Physician Immunity During a Public Health Crisis Through Tort Doctrine

Erin Conway, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel: How Illinois has used the "Prejudice" Prong of Strickland to Lower the Floor on Performance when Defendants Plead Guilty

Nick Gamse, Legal Remedies for Saving Public Interest Journalism in America

Debra Lefler, "Keeping Books on Romance": The Gift Exclusion in Extramarital Relationships

Corey McCaffrey, The Virtues of Virtual Marking in Patent Reform

Colleen McNamara, Iqbal as Judicial Rorschach Test: An Empirical Study of District Court Interpretations of Ashcroft v. Iqbal

Sarah Lochner, Guantanamo by Some Other Name: Qualified Immunity, Constitutional Stagnation and the "War on Terror"

Sarah Ratliff, Adult Adoption: Intestate Succession and Class Gifts

Jonathan Shaub, A Foucauldian Call for the Archaeological Excavation of Discourse in the Post-Boumediene Habeas Litigation

Lindsey Sullivan, Tax Accrual Work Papers & Textron: When Litigation Strategy is Not Protected