Law Review
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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 106, Issue 3

Summer 2012, Volume 106, Issue 3

  An Empirical Assessment of the Supreme Court's Use of Legal Scholarship [citation]   Lee Petherbridge & David L. Schwartz 995–1032
  Behavioral Law and Economics: Its Origins, Fatal Flaws, and Implications for Liberty [citation]   Joshua D. Wright & Douglas H. Ginsburg 1033–1090
  The Originalist Case Against Congressional Supermajority Voting Rules [citation]   Dan T. Coenen 1091–1152
  Broadcast Contracting [citation]   George S. Geis 1153–1200
  Defending Executive Nondefense and the Principal-Agent Problem [citation]   Brianne J. Gorod 1201–1260
  Adversarial Economics in Antitrust Litigation: Losing Academic Consensus in the Battle of the Experts [citation]   Rebecca Haw 1261–1306
  Taking the Confusion Out of "Likelihood of Confusion": Toward a More Sensible Approach to Trademark Infringement [citation]   Robert G. Bone 1307–1378
  Hope After Hope VI? Reaffirming Racial Integration as a Primary Goal in Housing Policy Prescriptions [citation]   Thomas C. Kost 1379–1418
  Reining in Patent Term Extensions for Related Pharmaceutical Products Post-Photocure and Ortho-McNeil [citation]   Ann Kotze 1419–1450
  Liar, Liar, Jury's the Trier? The Future of Neuroscience-Based Credibility Assessment in the Court [citation]   John B. Meixner 1451–1488
  The Bin Laden Exception [citation]   Erik Luna 1489–1512
  Revisiting "Special Needs" Theory via Airport Searches [citation]   Alexander A. Reinert 1513–1537