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Volume 106

We are excited to announce that we have completed selection for issues 106.1, 106.2, and 106.3.  Many of these authors have posted preliminary drafts of their work on SSRN that can be accessed by clicking on the title.


Volume 106, Issue 1:

Professor Kermit Roosevelt III's article, Choice of Law in Federal Courts: From Erie and Klaxon to CAFA and Shady Grove.

Professor F. Andy Hessick III's article, Probabilistic Standing.

Professor Samuel D. Brunson's article, Repatriating Tax-Exempt Investments: Tax Havens, Blocker Corporations, and Unrelated Debt-Financed Income.

Professor David H. Webber's article The Plight of the Individual Investor in Securities Class Actions.

Professor Michael Mattioli's article, Communities of Innovation.

Michael Potere's student note, Who Will Watch the Watchers? Citizens Recording Police Conduct.

Matthew Underwood's student note, "Jealousies of a Standing Army": The Use of Mercenaries in the American Revolution & Its Implications for Congress's Role in Regulating Private Military Firms.

Derek Wikstrom's student note, "No Logical Stopping Point": The Consequences of Padilla v. Kentucky's Inevitable Expansion.



Volume 106, Issue 2:

Professor Aziz Huq's article, The Institution Matching Canon.

Professor Simon Lazarus' article, Stripping the Gears of National Government: Justice Stevens' Stand Against Judicial Subversion of Progressive Laws and Lawmaking.

Professor Bill Barnhart's article, Justice Stevens and the News Media: An Exercise in Exposition.

Professor Stefanie Lindquist's article, Supreme Court Prequel: Justice Stevens on the Seventh Circuit.

Professor Dawn Johnsen's article, currently untitled.

Professor Thomas Merrill's article, Justice Stevens and the Chevron Puzzle .

Professor Alan Brownstein's article Continuing the Constitutional Dialogue: A Discussion of Justice Stevens' Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Jurisprudence.

Professor Erwin Chemerinsky's article, A Fixture on a Changing Court: Justice Stevens and the Establishment Clause.

Professor Andrew Koppelman's article, Justice Stevens, Religious Enthusiast.

Professor Diane Marie Amann's article, Justice Stevens, Originalist.

Professor Steven Calabresi's article, The Rise and Fall of the Separation of Powers.

Professor Richard A. Posner's article, Unanimous Decisions in the Supreme Court.

Peter Siegal's student note, Using Appraisal to Protect Net Operating Loss Carryforwards.

Nassim Nazemi's student note,  DMCA Section 512 Safe Harbor for Anonymity Networks Amid a Cyber-Democratic Storm: Lessons from the 2009 Iranian Uprising.

Greg Ruehlmann's student note, "A Deposition Is Not a Take-Home Examination": Fixing Federal Rule 30(e) & Policing the Errata Sheet.



Volume 106, Issue 3:

Professor Rebecca Haw's article, Adversarial Economics in Antitrust Litigation: Losing Academic Consensus in the Battle of the Experts.

Honorable Douglas H. Ginsburg & Professor Joshua D. Wright's article, Behavioral Law & Economics: Its Origins, Fatal Flaws, and Implications for Liberty.

Professor Brianne Gorod's article, The Principal-Agent Problem: Defending Executive Non-Defense.

Professor Robert Bone's article, Taking the Confusion out of the "Likelihood of Confusion" Test.

Professor Lee Petherbridge & Professor David Schwartz's article, An Empirical Assessment of the Supreme Court's Use of Legal Scholarship.

Professor Dan T. Coenen's article, The Originalist Case Against Congressional Supermajority Voting Rules.

Professor George Geis's article, Broadcast Contracting.

Thomas Kost's student note, Hope After HOPE VI?: Rediscovering True Racial Integration at a Critical Turning Point for Public Housing.

John Meixner's student note, "Liar, Liar, Jury's the Trier? The Future of Neuroscience-Based Credibility Assessment and the Court.

Ann Kotze's student note, Reining in Patent Term Extensions for Related Pharmaceutical Products Post-Photocure and Ortho-McNeil.