Combating Gun Violence in Illinois

Combating Gun Violence in Illinois: Evidence-Based Solutions (pdf)

Combating Gun Violence in Illinois: Evidence-Based Solutions 1 Page Memo (pdf)

The Northwestern School of Law Bluhm Legal Clinic has released Combating Gun Violence in Illinois: Evidence-Based Solutions on behalf of more than 30 law and social science professors from universities throughout Illinois.

Gun violence and gun sentencing disproportionately affect young people in Illinois. The report is a significant contribution to the current public debate about whether sentencing law changes can reduce gun violence.

Cost of Mandatory sentences to the state of IL

Mandatory minimums for gun possession

Children and Family Justice Center Clinical Fellow Stephanie Kollmann co-authored the report with Bluhm Legal Clinic’s Dominique Nong, Kenneth & Harle Montgomery Foundation Clinical Fellow. CFJC clinic students Jamie Liebert, Brendan Mooney, Rebba Omer, and Brett Werenski conducted valuable research.

To contact Dominique Nong about this report, please email: For Stephanie Kollmann, email

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