Guantanamo Bay Habeas Jurisprudence

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This site is a database of merits and discovery decisions for the Guantanamo Bay litigation in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The information has been organized both by case name and by the topics discussed in the opinions and orders. The Merits Decision page lists all habeas corpus decisions from the District Court for the District of Columbia. Clicking on the name of a petitioner will take you to a summary of the merits decision for that case. The summary page for each petitioner links to a PDF file of the unclassified habeas opinion. In addition, it discusses and links to the topics discussed in the opinion. You may also access the full list of topics found in the merits decisions on the Merits Topics page.

The Discovery Decisions page categorizes the petitioners by judge. The links, which are identified by name of petitioner, judge, and civil action number, connect you to a list of the available discovery orders for each petitioner. The petitioner's page contains PDF versions of each of the published discovery orders related to that case, as well as links to the topics found within each of those discovery orders. The Discovery Topics page lists many of the common issues discussed in the discovery orders. Clicking on one of the topics will link to a summary page that synthesizes the court’s rulings related to that type of evidence. The quotes on the summary pages link back to the individual orders.

Numbers in parentheses after text refer to the page number in the PDF on which the quotation or discussion may be found.

Finally, this site is a work in progress. It will be updated as additional decisions and orders become available. If you notice any mistakes or have suggestions about how the site can be made more useful for litigants, judges, or scholars, please do not hesitate to contact Joseph Margulies at