Prison Reentry Strategies Project

Welcome to the Bluhm Legal Clinic’s Program for Prison Reentry Strategies at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

Prison Reentry Strategies was a clinical program from 2010 – 2012 with work by faculty continuing until the fall of 2014. The program’s work was most recently reported in a Position Paper published by the Open Society Foundation, The Returning Prisoner and the Future of Work (pdf) and with release of the Program’s recommendations for an invigorated approach to employment-related prisoner reentry.

For a description of this program at the Bluhm Legal Clinic, see the “About Us” page.

For  project publications including student research papers, see the “Project Publications” page.

See  the “Resources” page for references with links to major sources of information about employment-related reentry, including:

  • National, state and local reentry agencies and organizations, leading resource centers, advocacy organizations and government agencies actively engaged in research and reentry program development
  • Federal agencies administering reentry programs, initiatives and grants
  • Several key bibliographies
  • Organizations with a particular focus on removing, barriers to employment for persons convicted of crimes
  • Organizations with information about the future of work in a technological world for marginally-employed and disadvantaged workers including returning prisoners