Project Publications

The Project’s recommendations for employment-related prisoner reentry:

Malcolm C. Young, The Returning Prisoner and the Future of Work (November 2014) a position paper prepared for the Soros Foundations’ on the impact of technological change on employment over the next 20 – 30 years from the perspective of prisoner reentry. The paper draws heavily on student research and work product.

Recommendations for Work-Related Prison Reentry (March 26, 2015)

Articles and materials prepared by or with the assistance of Bluhm Legal Clinic Law Students in Prison Reentry Strategies 2010 – 2012:

Malcolm C. Young, Meeting the Challenge of Employment-Related Prisoner Reentry in a Recession  January 2010.  An introduction to the problem of prison reentry and employment.

Four Principles of Employment Reentry  March 2011
Basic principles which guided development of program models.

New Ideas and Innovative Approaches to Employment Reentry Programming  January 2011
Ideas presented for discussion with the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Alternative Strategies for Funding Employment-Related Reentry Programs  May 2011 (Re-issued 5 November 2014)   Prison Reentry Strategies outlines three strategies for obtaining funds to cover the costs of jail or prisoner reentry programs.

Student Research Papers:

Avasari, Shilpa, Reconsidering Prison Industry Programs in America and their Value to Prisoner Reentry (March 2011)

Rubin, David Connecting Inmates to Jobs: Illinois Department of Corrections Develops a Model for Successful Employment Reentry  (March 2011)

Sarmiento, Louis Government Incentives for Hiring Returning Prisoners  (March 2011)

Notes from Discussions among Program Staff and Students:

The Business Side of Employment Reentry  January 2011. An outline covering the range of different approaches to employment reentry.

"Why Hire" a Returning Prisoner?  September 2010. A Briefing Sheet prepared for meetings with business owners and managers.