Materials listed on this page represent Prison Reentry Strategies on-going work and approach to the challenge of moving people who have been incarcerated into jobs that will sustain them in their communities. Comments and contributions are welcome as it continues to shape new ideas and build employment-related reentry program models.

Meeting the Challenge of Employment-Related Prisoner Reentry in a Recession (pdf), Malcolm Young, January 2010
An introduction to the problem the Prison Reentry Strategies Project addresses.

Works authored by Malcolm C. Young, Director, Prison Reentry Stategies:

Alternative Strategies for Funding Employment-Related Reentry Programs (pdf), May 2011
Prison Reentry Strategies introduces three new approches to subsidize reentry programs.

Four Principles of Employment Reentry (pdf), March 2011
Guiding principles for developing powerful program models.

New Ideas and Innovative Approaches to Employment Reentry Programming (pdf), January 2011
Ideas presented for discussion to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Research Papers:

Government Incentives for Hiring Returning Prisoners (pdf), Louis Sarmiento, March 2011

Reconsidering Prison Industry Programs in America and their Value to Prisoner Reentry, Shilpa Avasare, March 2011

Connecting Inmates to Jobs: Illinois Department of Corrections Develops a Model for Successful Employment Reentry (pdf), David Rubin, March 2011

Notes on the Discussions among Program Staff and Students:

The Business Side of Employment Reentry (pdf), January 2011
An outline covering the range of different approaches to employment reentry.

"Why Hire" a Returning Prisoner? (pdf), September 2010