Gateway Resources - National and Key Advocacy Organizations Which Provide Information and Links to State and Local Reentry Agencies and Organizations

National Reentry Resource Center of the Council of State Governments, sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, United States Department of Justice, is a key resource for news, webinars, information about the Second Chance Act, announcements of federal grants and a growing reference library on a wide range of reentry topics.

Among other resources, the Council of State Governments’ Justice Center provides information about its Reentry Policy Council and a database of reentry programs.

Reentry Central "The National Website on Reentry" is a new, ambitious independent reporter on reentry and related criminal justice issues. (Subscription)

National Employment Law Project (NELP) is a national leader and advocate for reform in the area of legal barriers to employment for persons convicted of crimes including those who were formerly incarcerated as well as the protection of worker’s rights generally. NELP sponsors the National H. I. R. E. Network the mission of which is to increase the number of quality job opportunities available for people with criminal records.

The Pew Center on the States Public Safety Initiative undertakes system reform in more than a dozen states with national partners; its work and its published materials include information about reentry programs and reforms.

The Urban Institute Reentry Project describes recent research and findings as well as a series of roundtables on reentry issues held in the early 2000’s.

Vera Institute of Justice in New York City has several projects and reports on prison reentry.

The John Jay College of Law sponsors the Prisoner Reentry Institute sponsors reentry initiatives and publishes research and policy papers in independently and in conjunction with the Urban Institute. The College’s publications include articles on jail reentry issues. John Jay President Jeremy Travis contributes to a national dialogue he helped initiate a little over a decade ago.

The Sentencing Project provides a rich collection of insightful research on sentencing and incarceration, collateral consequences of a criminal conviction, race and felony disenfranchisement.

Federal Agencies Administering Reentry Programs and Grants

United States Department of Justice - Office of Justice Programs - Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is the funding and resource agency supporting corrections and reentry programs at the national and state level.

The United States Department of Labor’s Reintegration of Ex-Offenders – the Adult Program focuses on employment-centered programs supported by federal grants. The Department’s grant-making includes employment-related reentry projects and programs.

The Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs provides references with links to more than ten other federal agencies, Departments and administrations as well as state resources and programs that are addressing prisoner reentry issues.

Bibliographies and References

The National Reentry Resource Center is assembling a reference library on many reentry topics including 'Employment'.

Reentry Council Subcommittee on Self-Sufficiency of Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals (pdf) Literature Review Bibliography – as of January 12, 2010

Reaching a Higher Ground: Increasing Employment Opportunities for People with Prior Convictions (pdf) published by the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice contains two superior bibliographies, one of which includes links to publications.

The Urban Institute publishes more than 230 research articles covering corrections, reentry, and community supervision issues.

The reentry-published Smart on Crime, Recommendations for the Administration and Congress includes employment-related prison reentry programs among reforms advanced by a non-partisan collaborative of experts.