Waiting for Justice

Pending Cases

Please see the list below for publicly available information about some of our pending cases and for information about some of our clients who are still seeking relief through the criminal justice system.


Kevin Dugar

Kevin Dugar is in prison for a Chicago murder and attempted murder that occurred in 2003. On September 22, 2016, his identical twin brother Karl Dugar a/k/a Karl Smith testified in court that he (Karl) was the one who actually committed the crimes. Kevin Dugar is appealing the denial of his post-conviction petition requesting a new trial based on his twin brother's confession. Chicago Tribune story.

Antonio Nicholas

Antonio Nicholas has claimed for decades that Chicago Police detectives under the command of disgraced former Commander Jon Burge beat him into confessing to a 1991 murder. After a circuit court judge dismissed Nicholas's pro se post-conviction petition seeking relief on this claim, the Appellate Court remanded the petition for further proceedings and the Center on Wrongful Convictions entered the case. After the same circuit court judge dismissed the amended petition filed by the CWC, Nicholas appealed again. On November 20, 2017, the Appellate Court once more reversed the dismissal and this time ordered that an evidentiary hearing take place before a different judge.

Marquis Thomas

Marquis Thomas was convicted of a 2007 shooting murder in Rockford, Illinois, based on eyewitness testimony. His jury never heard that another person confessed to the crime, because the trial court excluded this evidence. Thomas has always maintained his innocence, and after his conviction was affirmed on appeal he filed a pro se post-conviction petition. Thanks to excellent representation by the Office of the State Appellate Defender, the summary dismissal of Thomas's petition was reversed and remanded. Attorneys from the CWC and Schiff Hardin LLP now represent Thomas in Winnebago County post-conviction proceedings.