Perjury (Snitches)


A person other than the exoneree falsely accused the exoneree of committing the crime for which the exoneree was later exonerated, either in sworn testimony or otherwise.

The Snitch system (pdf)
Profile of a Snitch (pdf)

Case Examples


Ideas for preventing wrongful convictions based on snitch testimony include:

  • Snitches be wired to electronically record incriminating statements made by suspects, at least when the relevant conversations occur in jails or prisons.
  • Law enforcement authorities electronically record their discussions with potential snitches and provide copies of the recordings to the defendant.
  • Prosecutors disclose to defendants whether snitches — be they jailhouse informants, purported accomplices, or eyewitnesses- have received or been promised leniency, immunity from prosecution, cash or anything else of value.