Meet the Exonerees

Anthony Harris

State: Ohio
Date of Birth: 1987
Incident Date: 06/27/1998
Age at Arrest: 12
Conviction Date: 03/10/1999
Age When Exonerated: 14
Exonerated Date: 2000
Time Served: 2
Conviction: Murder
False Confession: Yes
Implicated by Another Youth: No

Case Details

In the summer of 1998, five-year-old Devan Duniver went missing. Anthony Harris, just 12 years old, agreed to help Duniver’s mother search for her. When Duniver was found stabbed to death a day later, the police had no suspects. Two weeks later, as public pressure mounted, detectives decided to interrogate Harris by himself. The police subjected the twelve-year-old boy to an intense, accusatory, and relentless interrogation. Eventually, Harris falsely confessed under pressure from the investigators on the case. Harris spent two years in prison until an appellate court reversed his conviction and suppressed his confession, holding that his rights had been violated during his interrogation. Without the confession, the state had no evidence on which to recharge him. Harris subsequently won a large civil settlement for his wrongful conviction.