Meet the Exonerees

Harold Buntin

State: Indiana
Date of Birth: 1957
Incident Date: 08/04/1984
Age at Arrest: 15
Conviction Date: 04/23/1986
Age When Exonerated: 38
Exonerated Date: 05/20/2005
Time Served: 13
Conviction: Robbery and rape
False Confession: No
Implicated by Another Youth: No

Case Details

Harold Buntin was arrested in 1984 at the age of fifteen for the rape and robbery of a dry cleaning clerk in Indianapolis. The clerk, who was legally blind in one eye and nearsighted in another, misidentified Buntin as the perpetrator four months after the crime occurred. During the 1986 trial, Buntin, only seventeen, fled the state but was convicted in absentia. In 1994 he was arrested in Florida and upon returning to Indiana he was sentenced to fifty years in prison. He appealed his conviction in 1996 but the appeal was rejected. In 2005, DNA testing proved that Buntin was innocent. He was ordered released in 2005, but the judge's order was misplaced and his release was delayed another two years. Harold was officially released on April 20, 2007.