Meet the Exonerees

Tyler Edmonds

State: Mississippi
Date of Birth: 1991
Incident Date: 2003
Age at Arrest: 13
Conviction Date: 2004
Age When Exonerated: 18
Exonerated Date: 30-Jun-08
Time Served: 5
Conviction: murder
False Confession: Yes
Implicated by Another Youth: No

Case Details

At just thirteen years old, Tyler Edmonds was accused and convicted of shooting and killing his sister's husband, Joey Fulgham. Edmonds confessed to this crime on videotape after his twenty-six-year-old sister told him that he would not be punished if he confessed because he was so young, but he would be sent to adult prison if he did not confess. Police did not allow Edmonds to see his parents while they interrogated him. Edmond's conviction was also based on the improbable testimony of a medical examiner who testified that the bullet wounds in the victim's body showed that there were two hands on the gun that fired the bullet, consistent with the state's theory that Edmond and his sister had fired the gun together. The Mississippi Supreme Court threw out his conviction in January 2007 and struck the medical examiner's "scientifically unfounded" testimony. On retrial, Tyler was acquitted in 2008 after his confession was deemed unreliable and the medical examiner was not permitted to testify about his two-hands theory.