Meet the Exonerees

Randall Ayers

State: Ohio
Date of Birth: 1965
Incident Date: 1981
Age at Arrest: 16
Conviction Date: 1982
Age When Exonerated: 27
Exonerated Date: 07/22/1990
Time Served: 9
Conviction: Rape and robbery
False Confession: No
Implicated by Another Youth: Yes

Case Details

Randall Lynn Ayers was sixteen years old when a fifteen-year-old girl mistakenly identified him as the man who robbed, raped, and shot her in the neck in 1981. The jury convicted him, though friends testified that Ayers was with them at the time of the crime. He was sentenced to fifteen to fifty years in prison, but was released after nearly nine years when the real culprit, Robert Minton, confessed to the crime. When the victim looked at photos of Ayers and Minton after his confession, she was unable to identify the attacker. A judge formally dismissed the charges and Ayers eventually received $367,700 in compensation.