Meet the Exonerees

Robert Cox

State: Florida
Date of Birth: 1950
Incident Date: 12/30/1978
Age at Arrest: 28
Conviction Date: 1988
Age When Exonerated: 29
Exonerated Date: 12/21/1989
Time Served: 1
Conviction: Murder
False Confession: No
Implicated by Another Youth: No

Case Details

Robert Cox was falsely accused of murdering a nineteen-year-old Walt Disney World employee at the age of eighteen. Cox was sentenced to death in 1988, in spite of evidence that he did not know the victim and there were no witnesses that could testify they had been seen together. Cox appealed his conviction to the Supreme Court of Florida. In 1989, the Supreme Court of Florida declared that the circumstantial evidence consisting of a hair found in the victim’s car, some O-type blood, and a boot print were insufficient to support a first-degree murder charge. The Supreme Court of Florida declared that the evidence did not support beyond a reasonable doubt that Cox committed the murder, and Cox was acquitted and released of his sentence.