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Administration (312)503-0286  Fax Number (312)503-9230
Reference Desk (312)503-8450 Circulation Desk (312)503-8451
Foreign and International (312)503-4561  Government Documents (312)503-7344

Library Administration

George H. Pike
Director of the Pritzker Legal Research Center
L262 (312)503-0295
Jamie Sommer
Associate Director for Public Services
L211B (312)503-0314
Eric Parker
Associate Director for Collection and Bibliographic
L265 (312)503-7920

Research and Instructional Services

Tom Gaylord
Faculty Services and Scholarly Communications
L263 (312)503-4725
Trezlen Drake
Foreign, Comparative and International Law 
L214 (312)503-4561
Lisa Winkler
Clinical Services Librarian
L266 (312)503-0252
Clare Willis
Research & Instructional Services Librarian
L213 (312)503-0300

Digital and Electronic Services

Jesse Bowman
Electronic Research, Technology, and Instructional
Services Librarian
L212 (312)503-4356

Access Services

Jennifer Lubejko
Access Services Librarian
L211A (312)503-3274
Lynn Kincade
Interlibrary Loan Manager

Bibliographic Services

Terence O'Connell
Catalog Librarian
L266 (312)503-7364
Brittany Adams
Special Collections, Archival and Digitization Services
L214 (312)503-3821

Technology Services

David Bonebrake
Library Software Engineer
Wei Wang
Library Management Systems Specialist
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