International and Comparative Labor Law--Research Resources

For presentation to Prof. Michael Zimmer's class on International and Comparative Employment Law, April 15, 2008, by Irene Berkey, Foreign and International Law Librarian.

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This highly selective list focuses on resources that are freely available via the Internet. Many of these resources are from international organizations, such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), research institutes in the area of labor and employment, or governmental organizations.

International Labour Organization (ILO) resources:

ILO Research Guide By Charlotte Bynum, Cornell Law Library.

How to Find International and National Labor Law International Labour Organization, Bureau of Library and Information Services.

NATLEX. From the International Labour Organization (ILO). "A continuously-updated database containing references to more than 55,000 national laws on labour, social security, and related human rights, and over 300 laws in full text."

Research guides and Internet portals:

International/Global information links Cornell University ILR School Catherwood Library. " The International/Global Information links are designed to lead the researcher and practitioner to the most reliable and fundamental information sources available in matters related to Industrial & Labor Relations (ILR)."

International Organizations & Labour University of California Berkeley Library. Inlcudes links to resources in the following categories: Digital Libraries and Databases, International Organizations, Laws, Cases & Regulations, Statistics, Labour Standards, Occupational Health & Safety, Employment & Disability, Journals & Historic Documents, and Research Guides.

Internet Resource Gateway John F. Henning Center for International Labor Relations, University of California Berkeley. "An index to internet resources with links to organizations, articles, position papers, and training materials on Labor and the Global Economy."

The University of Michigan Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, Program on Global Change. Maintains the Labor and Global change database, which " provides bibliographies, citation information and (where available) web links to the full text of research exploring connections between labor and globalization"

Globalization and Labor Standards GALS Bibliographic Library UCLA Schooll of Law and UCLA Institute of Industrial Relations. Includes "abstracts of recent law journal articles exploring international labor standards and rights in the global economy."

Governmental websites:

List of ministries of labor:

EDIRC: Minsitries of Labor or Employment List of links maintained by the University of Connecticut Department of Economics

Ministries of labor that include texts of law--some examples:

Labor Laws of Japan The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training

Colombia . Ministerio de la Protección Social. Click on link for "Normas."

Intergovernmental/regional organizations--example:

European Commission. Labour Law and Work Organization

Labor research centers:

List of labor research centers in the U.S. and abroad, from the John F. Henning Center for Industrial Relations, University of California Berkeley.

Multi-country resources covering many topics:

Global Legal Information Network (GLIN). Law Library of Congress. This database provides summaries of "regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations." For many jurisdictions full texts are also available.

World Legal Information Institute (World LII) The World Legal Information Institute provides free access to law worldwide.

Law library web pages:

Many law school libraries maintain Web pages devoted to foreign, comparative, and international law. For example, the website of the Pritzker Legal Research Center, Northwestern University School of Law, has a section for Foreign and Comparative Legal Resources and a section for International Law Resources

Print resource:

International Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations. This multi-volume set, in looseleaf format, includes chapters on many countries worldwide describing the employment laws of the country. Separate volumes in the set include, for some countries, the texts of laws as well as selected case law.
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Finding books:

Many libraries have online catalogs that are available via the Web, allowing one to identify relevant books.  A free resource, under development, is Google Books, which provides selective access.

Finding articles

The best way to identify articles on foreign and comparative law topics is through the use of specialized indexes, many of which are available by subscription only. Among free resources that may be used to identify articles are ECLAS, the European Commission Libraries Catalogue, and RAVE, which cites to recent decisions and articles in public international and European law.  A free resource, under development, is Google Scholar.

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