United States Federal and State Legal Research

Some titles that can provide an overview of basic U.S. legal research are the following:

  • Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, 3d ed. by Amy E. Sloan. Aspen Publishers, 2006. (MON KF 240.S585 2006)
  • Finding the Law, 12th ed. by Robert C Berring, and Elizabeth A. Edinger. Thomson/West, 2005. (MON KF 240.B45 2005)
  • The Process of Legal Research, 6th ed. by Christina L Kunz. et al. Aspen Publishers, 2004. (MON KF 240.P76 2004) On Reserve
  • Legal Research in a Nutshell, 9th ed. by Morris L. Cohen. Thomson/West, 2007. (MON KF 240.C54 2007) On Reserve

The primary sources that you can use in your legal research are: cases, statutes, regulations, and constitutional provisions (please see sections on Federal and U.S. State (Non-Illinois) for details). The sources listed are some of the most widely used web sites and legal databases for legal research. As in traditional research the importance of authority is extremely important. (When doing legal research on the web, a good rule to follow is to obtain your legal information directly from a government web site to insure that the information is authentic.)

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