International Team Project: Argentina and Uruguay - Research Checklist


Prepared for International Team Project: Argentina and Uruguay at Northwestern University School of Law, Spring 2012, by Irene Berkey, Foreign and International Law Librarian, and updated by Heidi Kuehl, Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Librarian and Coordinator of Educational Programming and Outreach.

Note: The law library does not collect materials on Latin American countries in vernacular languages. Materials in this checklist are primarily in English, unless otherwise noted.

General Country Information

Governmental web sites



Other Web Sites

Laws and Legal System

Introductions, research guides, and digest

  • “Argentina” chapter in Legal Systems of the World: A Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia (2002), vol. 1 pages 64-70, or “Úruguay” chapter, vol. 4 pages 1715-1721  I,REF K 48 .L44 2002
  • A Research Guide to the Argentine Legal System By Dr. Gisela Monge Roffarello, Emilse Monge Roffarello, Dr. Ezequiel Trajtenberg and Prof. Eng. Julio O. Trajtenberg (GlobaLex, 2011).
  • A Guide to Uruguay’s Legal System and Research  By Pablo Sandonato de Leon, updated by Gloria Orrego Hoyos (GlobaLex, 2010).
  • Foreign Law Guide: Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World Available from anywhere to members of the NU School of Law community by Thomas Reynolds and Arturo A. Flores. For each country, background on the legal system and legal publication, citations to laws on particular topics and to English language translations.
  • Argentina Law Digest, in Martindale-Hubbell International Law Digest. Detailed summary of various areas of law, especially useful for company, corporate, and tax law. LexisNexis Available from anywhere to members of the Northwestern Law community Legal > Find Laws by Country or Region > Foreign Laws & Legal Sources > Argentina > Martindale-Hubbell® Law Digest – South American Law Digests. Also Uruguay.

Portals to legal resources (interface in English; resources mostly in Spanish)





Courts and Jurisprudence



Treaties and Agreements - Selected Sources

Finding Books:

Finding Articles:

  • Hints: Many subject areas are relevant-- not just law. | Use indexes to identify relevant articles. " Advanced search " often easier than "basic search." | Find relevant citation, then click on "subject headings " or " descriptors " to find more. | " Find it at NU " button often leads to electronic full text. | NUcat " journal title" search leads to print and/or electronic full text.
  • Finding Articles and Papers on Foreign and Comparative Law (for articles on law of countries other than the U.S. and comparative law methodology, from journals published both in the U.S. and abroad)
  • Finding Articles and Papers on International Law (for public and private international law)
  • Find Non-Law Articles (for subjects in the social sciences, humanities, and sciences)

Finding Dissertations

Finding Statistics

News: General, Legal, and Business

Note that both Lexis and Westlaw allow you to create and save a search, to be run on a periodic basis, such as daily or weekly. For links to tutorials, see the Research Alerts page of the library's web site. Always check scope notes (click on information icon) for dates of coverage. Not all publications are current.

Many organizations make it possible to monitor news by means of an RSS/XML ("Really Simple Syndication") feed. For information of setting up RSS feeds, see the Research Alerts: RSS Feeds section of the library's web site.

  • LexisNexis Available from anywhere to members of the Northwestern Law community : (News & Business Tab > Country & Region (excluding U.S.) > Argentina > News
    Note: La Nación coverage has some gaps..
  • Westlaw Available from anywhere to members of the Northwestern Law community:
    • News Room with Reuters tab > [Global News] Latin America News with Reuters RLATNEWS
    • International/Worldwide Materials > South America > Individual Country Materials > Argentina > Business & News
  • WestlawNext Available from anywhere to members of the Northwestern Law community
  • News > International News > Latin America

International Organizations

Regional Organizations

Worldwide Organizations

Additional Resources for Selected Topics

Administration of Justice

Agricultural Resources

Business and Financial Information


  • ERIC Available from anywhere to members of the Northwestern Law community Citations to articles and reports on education.

Church and State

Human Rights

Sports Law


Women's and Children's Issues

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