International Team Project: Cuba Research Checklist


This is a selective list of resources prepared for International Team Project Cuba at Northwestern University School of Law in the Spring 2011 semester by Irene Berkey, Foreign and International Law Librarian.

For questions about this guide, contact Library Reference, Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Librarian (e-mail | (312) 503-8451) .

Note: The law library does not collect materials for Latin American countries in Spanish. Some regional organization material is collected in Spanish.

General Country Information

Selected Web Sites - Governmental and Non-Governmental

Civil Law Legal Systems in General

  • "Civil Law" article in Legal Systems of the World: A Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia, vol. 1, pages 304-307
    I, REF K 48 .L44 2002
  • Apple, James G. and Robert P. Deyling, A Primer on the Civil-Law System (Federal Judicial Center, 1995).
  • University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, World Legal Systems world map showing legal traditions followed by each country.

Laws and Legal System of Cuba


  • “Cuba” article in Legal Systems of the World: A Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia. Vol. 1, pages 395-403.
    I, REF K 48 .L44 2002
  • “Cuba” in Reynolds and Flores, Foreign Law Guide Available from anywhere to members of the NU School of Law community. Includes background on the legal system and legal publications, as well as citations to laws on particular topics and English language translations.
  • Cuba Law Digest, in Martindale-Hubbell International Law Digest. Digest of various areas of substantive law, especially useful for company, corporate, and tax law. Available on LexisNexis Available from anywhere to members of the NU School of Law community Legal > Find Laws by Country or Region > Foreign Laws & Legal Sources > Cuba  > Martindale-Hubbell® Law Digest – North American Law Digests


  • The 1976 constitution with 1992 Reforms, the 1976 constitution, and the 1940 constitution (in Spanish) may be found in the Cuba constitutions page of the Political Database of the Americas.
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, 1976 (as Amended to 2002) is available in print I,MON K 3157 .A2B58 1971 vol. 6

Links to Legislation

Selected books and articles

  • Evenson, Debra. Law and Society in Contemporary Cuba. The Hague: Kluwer Law International, 2d ed. 2003.
    N,NCB KGN 327 .E93 2003

Finding Books:

Finding Articles:

  • Hints: Many subject areas are relevant-- not just law. | Use indexes to identify relevant articles. | " Advanced search" often easier than "basic search." | Find relevant citation, then click on " subject headings" or " descriptors" to find more. | " Find it at NU" button often leads to electronic full text. | NUcat " journal title" search leads to print and/or electronic full text.

Finding Dissertations

Finding Statistics

News: General, Legal, and Business

Note that both Lexis and Westlaw allow you to create and save a search, to be run on a periodic basis, such as daily or weekly. For links to tutorials, see the Research Alerts page of the library's web site. Always check scope notes (click on information icon) for dates of coverage. Not all publications are current.

Many organizations make it possible to monitor news by means of an RSS/XML ("Really Simple Syndication") feed. For information of setting up RSS feeds, see the Research Alerts: RSS Feeds section of the library's web site.

  • LexisNexis Available from anywhere to members of the NU School of Law community
    • News & Business tab > Country & Region (excluding U.S.) > Americas (excluding U.S.) > News
  • Westlaw Available from anywhere to members of the NU School of Law community
    • Westlaw International tab > International/Worldwide Materials > Central American and the Caribbean > Regional Materials > Business & News
    • International/Worldwide Materials; Multi-National Materials; Business & News
  • CubaNet "CubaNet es una organización no partidista, sin fines de lucro y exenta de impuestos, dedicada a promover la prensa libre en Cuba, ayudar a su sector independiente a desarrollar una sociedad civil e informar al mundo la realidad de Cuba.” Financial support from National Endowment for Democracy, United States Agency for International Development, and private sources. In Spanish, with limited English language section.
  • Union of Cuban Journalists.
  • Granma Offical Communist Party organ.
  • Juventud Rebelde Organ of the Young Communist League.
  • Agencia Cubana de Noticias (ACN) Cuban news agency.
  • Prensa Latina Agencia Informativa Latinoamericana

International Business Resources

Selected Regional Organizations of Which Cuba Is a Member

Additional Resources for Special Topics


Economic Development/Trade


  • ERICAvailable from anywhere to members of the NU School of Law community Annotated references to journal articles and reports in education.

Environment and Agriculture

Human Rights and Refugee Resources

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