International Team Project: India - Research Checklist


This is a selective list of resources prepared for students participating in the International Team Project: India course at Northwestern University School of Law in the spring 2012 semester, by Irene Berkey, Foreign and International Law Librarian.

For questions about this guide, contact ForeignandInternationalLawLibrarian

Country Information

Governmental web sites

Non-Governmental web sites

Laws and Legal System

Research Guides and Descriptions of Legal System / Collections of Links

Constitution and Constitutional Law


Case Law

Finding Books

Finding Books at Northwestern University

  • NUcat Searching Tips

  • The preceding section explains how clicking on the "Library of Congress Subject Headings" in a catalog record can help to focus a search. Subject headings can also be searched directly. From the NUcat "Search" tab, search in "Subject Heading" or "Browse Subject Heading" Some Library of Congress Subject Headings are listed below. (The dashes and parentheses can be omitted.)

    constitutional law -- India
    India - Rural conditions
    Human rights -- India

Finding books at other libraries:

Finding Articles

  • Tips:
    1. Many subject areas are relevant-- not just law.
    2. Use indexes to identify relevant articles.
    3. "Advanced search" is often easier than "basic search."
    4. Find a relevant citation, then click on "subject headings" or "descriptors" to find more.
    5. "Find it at NU" button often leads to electronic full text.
    6. NUcat "journal title" search leads to print and/or electronic full text
  • Finding Articles and Papers on Foreign and Comparative Law (for articles on law of countries other than the U.S. and comparative law methodology, from journals published both in the U.S. and abroad)
  • Finding Articles and Papers on International Law (for public and private international law)
  • Find Non-Law Articles (for subjects in the social sciences, humanities, and sciences)

Finding Dissertations

Finding Statistics

News: General, Legal, and Business

Note that both Lexis and Westlaw allow you to create and save a search, to be run on a periodic basis, such as daily or weekly. For links to tutorials, see the Research Alerts page of the library's web site. Always check scope notes (click on information icon) for dates of coverage. Not all publications are current.

Many organizations make it possible to monitor news by means of an RSS/XML ("Really Simple Syndication") feed. For information of setting up RSS feeds, see the Research Alerts: RSS Feeds section of the library's web site.

International Business Resources

Regional and International Organizations

Note: India is not necessarily a member of all the organizations listed below. However, these web sites are good sources of information about India.

Additional Resources for Selected Topics

Economic Development


  • ERIC (EBSCO) Available from anywhere to all members of the Northwestern University community Annotated references to articles on education, 1966 to present.

Environment/Land Use/Natural Resources

Human Rights/Human Trafficking

Hindu Law

Islamic Influence


Women's and Children's Issues

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