International Team Project: Russia Research Checklist


This is a selective list of resources prepared for International Team Project Russia at Northwestern University School of Law in the spring 2010 semester.

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Note: The law library does not collect materials in Russian (unless included in a bilingual work). Materials in this checklist are in English, unless otherwise noted. For assistance obtaining Russian language materials, consult the Foreign and International Law Librarian.

General Country Information

Russia and Eastern Europe Studies Programs

Russian Governmental Information

Laws and Legal System

Research Guides and Bibliographies

Description and/or Analysis

  • William E. Butler, Russian Law (3rd ed. 2009)
    N,FRU KLB 68 .B88 2009
  • Law and Legal System of the Russian Federation, by Peter B. Maggs, William Burnham, and Gennady M. Danilenko (3rd ed. 2004)
    N,FRU KLB 68 .D36 2004
  • Legal Foundations of the Russian Economy , edited by J. Tolonen and B. Topornin (2000)
    N,FRU KLB 68 .L44
  • Russian Federation Law Digest" in Martindale-Hubbell International Law Digest. Available in Lexis Available from anywhere to members of the NU School of Law community (INTDIG): LexisNexis > Find Laws by Country or Region > Search International Law Digests > Martindale-Hubbell® Law Digest – European Law Digest >

Constitution and Constitutional Law

Selected Legislation in English translation (print format)

  • Russian Public Law: the Foundations of a Rule-of-Law State: Legislation and Documents, edited, with translations, by W.E. Butler (2005) (new edition has been ordered)
    N,FRU KLA 13 2005
  • William E. Butler, Russian Foreign Relations and Investment Law (2006) (legislation reprinted in Annex)
    N,FRU KLB 3405 .B88 2006
  • William E. Butler and Jane E. Henderson, Russian Legal Texts: the Foundations of a Rule-of-Law State and a Market Economy
    N,FRU KLB 13 1998
  • Civil Code of the Russian Federation : Parts One, Two, and Three (edited, compiled, and translated by William E. Butler)
    N,FRU KLB 494 .31994 .A52 2002
  • Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (4th edition) (translated by William E. Butler)
    N,FRU KLB 3794 .31996 .A52 2004
  • Russian Family Law: The Family Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law on Acts of Civil Status (translated by William E. Butler)
    N,FRU KLB 534 .51995 .A4 1998
  • Tax Code of the Russian Federation (Part One) (translated by William E. Butler)
    N,FRU KLB 3544 .31998 .A52 1999
  • Russian Company and Commercial Legislation . (Compiled, edited, and translated by William E. Butler)
    N,FRU KLB 914 2003

Russian Legal Databases

  • Garant is a leading, fee-based database. Most materials are in Russian; some are available in English. Northwestern University does not subscribe to Garant directly, but selected materials in English are available from the following two resources:
    • Economic Laws of the Russian Federation (1990-current) On Lexis Available from anywhere to members of the NU School of Law community (RFLAW). "This value-added database contains full-text current laws, decrees, resolutions, instructions and regulations on economic activity in the Russian Federation in English. Commentaries are supplied by Garant-Service." Invalid or obsolete documents are available in the RFARCH file. Documents may be ordered in Russian for a fee.
    • Garant Legislation with Comments, as available in ISI Emerging Markets - Russia. Selected laws and codes.
  • Russian Legal Texts (Aug. 1986-Nov. 1997). On Lexis Available from anywhere to members of the NU School of Law community (RUSLEG) Archival material only; no longer published.

Other online sources for Russian law:

Finding Books on Russia

Finding Articles:

  • Hints: Many subject areas are relevant-- not just law. | Use indexes to identify relevant articles. | " Advanced search" often easier than "basic search." | Find relevant citation, then click on " subject headings" or " descriptors" to find more. | " Find it at NU" button often leads to electronic full text. | NUcat " journal title" search leads to print and/or electronic full text.

Additional databases:

Finding Dissertations

Finding Statistics


News: General, Legal, and Business

Note that both Lexis and Westlaw allow you to create and save a search, to be run on a periodic basis, such as daily or weekly. For links to tutorials, see the Research Alerts page of the library's web site. Always check scope notes (click on information icon) for dates of coverage. Not all publications are current.

Many organizations make it possible to monitor news by means of an RSS/XML ("Really Simple Syndication") feed. For information of setting up RSS feeds, see the Research Alerts: RSS Feeds section of the library's web site.

International Organizations –Selective List

Additional Resources for Selected Topics:

Business, Economics, and Economic Development

Human Rights and Civil Rights

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