Getting Started with Illinois Research

Guides to Illinois Research

  • Illinois Legal Research Guide, 2nd ed. by Laurel Wendt. William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2006. (D,REF or R,REF KFI 1275.W46 2006)
  • In addition, the Illinois Bar Journal has a periodic column, Finding Illinois Law, which covers new sources and strategies helpful in Illinois legal research problems.

Secondary Sources

A common approach in starting legal research is to review secondary source materials which can provide a researcher with the context or overview of the legal question researched. Some examples of secondary sources are treatises, loose-leaf services, law reviews, or legal encyclopedias such as Illinois Jurisprudence. We have collected practice guides and form books for most subjects of Illinois law, of particular interest to clinical practice.

Primary Law

After researching in secondary sources you will then be able to identify if the following primary legal sources might answer your question: the relevant Illinois constitutional provisions, cases, statutes, possibly legislative history, and regulations. Please refer to the left links under Illinois and Chicago for some suggested sources for locating cases, statutes, regulations, and constitutional provisions.

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