European Union

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EU web sites—selective list

EU document sources—selective list

  • EUR-Lex “Eur-Lex provides direct free access to European Union law.” Includes Official Journal from 1998, treaties, case law, legislation in force, legislative proposals (including COM documents).
  • Official documents from European Institutions
  • Treaties “From this page you can access the basic legal texts on which the European Union and the European Communities are founded: the founding Treaties (original versions and later updatings), the amending Treaties, the Accession Treaties for each of the six enlargements, plus other essential documents.”
  • PreLex “ PreLex, the  database on inter-institutional procedures follows the major stages of the decision-making process between the Commission and the other institutions:”
  • Legislative Observatory (OEIL) The European Parliament site for current legislative activity. An introduction to the Legislative Observatory is here
  • N-Lex “A common gateway to national law.” This experimental web site provides access to databases of national laws in of EU member states.

EU current awareness, bibliographic, and terminology web sites

Web sites for research papers on the EU and European Integration

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