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This page provides links to some of the best online resources in law and economics, but is by no means exhaustive. In some instances, print resources available in the Pritzker Legal Research Center will be more suitable than those listed here. Northwestern University School of Law students are especially encouraged to visit or call (312-503-8450) our Reference Desk for help with law and economics research questions. For resources on international economic law, please see our International Trade, Business, and Economic Law page.

Law and Economics web sites

  • Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. Edited by Boudewijn Bouckaert and Gerrit De Geest. This resource "attempts to survey the whole law and economics literature in nearly 5,000 pages." Each entry provides "reviews of the literature, written by an authority in the field, and a quasi complete bibliography." Also available at this URL
  • Financial Economics Network. Available from anywhere to all members of the Northwestern University communityA comprehensive web resource for those seeking financial information about the region.The network publishes "Professional Announcements" weekly, which includes information about calls for papers, professional meetings, and job listings.
  • FindLaw: Law and Economics Resources. Gateway to laws, journals, mailing lists, government agencies, and other information.
  • FINWeb. Lists "Internet resources providing substantive information concerning economics and finance-related topics."
  • Hieros Gamos: Economics and the Law. Gateway to information on supranational organizations, national regimes, discussion groups, publications, and other resources.
  • Resources for Economists on the Internet. Sponsored by the American Economic Association, this site provides links to over 1,200 economics resources of interest to academic and practicing economists.
  • Making of the Modern Economy : The Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature 1450-1850 Available from anywhere to all members of the Northwestern University community- "Digital facsimiles of literature on economic and business published from the last half of the 15th century to the mid-19th century from the collections of the Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature at the University of London, England, and the Kress Collection of Business and Economics at the Harvard Business School; with supplementary materials from the Seligman Collection in the Butler Library at Columbia University, and from Sterling Library at Yale University. Collection contains materials on commerce, finance, social conditions, politics, trade and transport; documents the dynamics of Western trade and wealth; focuses on economics interpreted in the widest sense, including political science, history, sociology; special collections on banking, finance, transportation and manufacturing."
  • NUsearch. To search for books and other materials in the Northwestern University libraries.

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