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Getting Started with U.S. Government Resources Research

The Pritzker Legal Research Center has been a selective depository for United States government documents since 1978. The library contains government information in various formats -- microfiche, paper, cd-roms, and the library now also provides access to materials in electronic format on the Internet through links to U.S. government portals such as FDsys and Congress.gov. Many of the most popular government documents you might find in the library collection might also be available via the Internet or have become available only in electronic format. The library is particularly strong in collections of congressional materials and legislative histories. To start your research you should check the Northwestern University catalog NUsearch which will not only list the paper or fiche government documents in the collection but also provide links to the electronic versions of these titles. Below are some of the major sites that you might find helpful in getting started in your research. For further information about access to the library government depository collection, consult our access page.

Finding Government Documents in the Pritzker Legal Research Center

Introduction to U.S. Government Electronic Information

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