U.S. Government Resources - Federal Legislative

  • A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates 1774 to 1873: A comprehensive web site developed as part of the National Digital Library Program of the Library of Congress which provides electronic access to the historic journals and debates of Congress from 1774 to 1873. It offers more than 500,000 digital items, including page images and searchable text.
  • Congress.gov: Created as the successor to THOMAS, this site "makes federal United States legislative information freely available to the public."
  • CQ Congress Collection Available from anywhere to all members of the Northwestern University community : This service provides an "analytical survey of the history and development, powers, personalities, current developments, and legislation considered and passed by the United States Congress." Organized into sections on public policy legislation, members of Congress, key votes, and the legislative branch.
  • CQ Voting and Elections Collection Available from anywhere to all members of the Northwestern University community : This service "provides explanations of the congressional electoral process, including reapportionment and redistricting; data for historical and modern congressional elections; analyses of modern congressional elections; modern voting behavior; modern district profiles; key events and issues; and biographies".
  • C-Span (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) provides continuous congressional coverage during each U.S. Congressional session.
  • Library of Congress: The Library of Congress web site provides bibliographic access to one of the largest research collections in the United States. Click on "Collections and Services" for access to the Library of Congress on-line catalog. This site also provides access to the digital "American Memory" project and the Copyright Office web site.
  • Proquest Congressional Available from anywhere to all members of the Northwestern University community : This site allows users to search for congressional publications from 1970 to the present, "retrieve CIS legislative histories for public laws going back to 1970, find testimony from congressional hearings, track bills as they move through the House and Senate, search the Congressional Record and Federal Register, locate information about members and committees, [and] search the National Journal." The Pritzker Legal Research Center also subscribes to the Congressional Indexes, 1789-1969 Available from anywhere to all members of the Northwestern University community service, which provides access to the CIS historical indexes useful in locating earlier congressional documents.
  • U.S. Congressional Bibliographies: This site provides "comprehensive lists of hearings, prints, and publications printed by the Senate, 1983 to present," and "lists of House committee meetings recorded in the Congressional Record's Daily Digest, 1985 to present."
  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set Available from anywhere to all members of the Northwestern University community : Hearings, prints, and publications produced by the United States Congress. Currently includes documents produced by the 15th-91st Congresses (1817-1969).
  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set (via GPO Access): This site allows users to locate U.S. congressional reports and documents from the 104th Congress (1995-1996) to the current congressional session.
  • U.S. Government Accountability Office: The GAO web site offers full text of the reports of this subdivision of Congress. The GAO exists to assist Congress in investigating and holding accountable the various federal agencies that implement legislation. Its economic reports on federal programs are important sources of information on government agency performance.
  • U.S. House of Representatives: This site provides access to individual committee and member web sites.
  • U.S. Legislative Branch: This site (a subdivision of the THOMAS web site) provides links to other U.S. legislative web sites and also to other governmental web sites that have legislative research materials.
  • U.S. Senate: This site includes information on senate legislative activities; Senate history, procedures, and terminology, information on contacting Senators via the Internet, and a virtual reality tour of the Senate.
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