Access Policy

The Pritzker Legal Research Center primarily serves the faculty, students, and staff of the Northwestern University School of Law, and it is a private facility. Except for restrictions during examination periods, the facility is also open to members of the following groups who present a photo ID and register at the circulation desk:

  • Current members of the Northwestern University community displaying a Wildcard
  • Northwestern Law Alumni
  • Students and faculty of other law schools displaying a valid current law school ID
  • Practicing lawyers, judges, and judicial clerks displaying a current bar card or court credentials and photo ID
  • Scholarly researchers needing access to the collection who have received prior approval and present a photo ID
  • Northwestern Alumni of other schools holding a Northwestern Alumni Association card and photo ID may be admitted during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Alumni who wish to use the facility after hours must obtain prior approval.
  • Patrons needing to use the library's government documents depository collection may be admitted by appointment only, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday or 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday, provided they present a photo ID and register at the circulation desk (depository visitors must restrict their use of the library to the government depository collection). Patrons should contact Jennifer Lubejko, Access Services Librarian (e-mail | 312-503-3274) for an appointment.
  • Guests accompanying persons in these groups

Anyone with questions about these policies, including anyone needing prior access approval, may contact the following during normal business hours Monday through Friday:

Restricted Access Periods

During reading periods and final examinations, access to the library is generally restricted so that Northwestern law students can study and take exams. During this time, the only students who are admitted are Northwestern law students. Students from other universities or Northwestern students outside the law program will not be admitted. Lawyers requiring the research materials may be admitted as under the Usual Access Policy, but are expected to maintain silence for the benefit of students.

Anyone with questions about these policies, including anyone desiring access who does not fall into one of the groups designated as having access to the collection may contact the following during normal business hours Monday through Friday:

Library Access by Users with Disabilities

The library is wheelchair accessible. For accessible entrances consult the accessibility map on the campus map page. We recommend the ramp marked in red on the map that is furthest east on Chicago Avenue. The library is located at the top of the grand staircase inside these doors, but users requiring an elevator should turn left (east) before the grand staircase and proceed to the adjacent hallway where an elevator can be found. For other access or disabilities needs, please contact:
The university also provides further information for students and faculty and staff with particular disabilities needs.
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