Curriculum and Faculty

Northwestern Law's accelerated LLM is designed to offer international lawyers, business managers, compliance officers, and policy makers a strategic perspective on business law in the United States. The course topics for the accelerated curriculum have been carefully selected to maximize knowledge and practical skills in managing legal aspects of business transactions conducted within the United States, or with U.S. based companies. Admission to the LLM program is competitive and applicants must be willing to commit to an intense course of study.

The program is divided into two six week sessions with a break for reading and exams. During the first six weeks, students will participate in Concepts of Contracts and Sales, Business Associations, Legal Ethics, and Concepts of Property: Real Property, Intellectual Property, and Property Dispute Resolution. The second six weeks of the program will include Advanced Corporations, Concepts of Intellectual Property, and Dispute Resolution. Students must complete 20 law credit hours to earn an LLM degree. Students may choose to earn the degree in one or two summers. However, all students must begin with the first, six week session.

First Session

May - June

Second Session

July - August


Emerson H. Tiller, Director of the Accelerated LLM Program, teaches Contracts and Sales
Esther S. Barron teaches Business Associations
Thomas J. Brennan teaches International Taxation
Robert P. Burns teaches Legal Ethics
David L. Cameron teaches Property Law
Lynn P. Cohn teaches Negotiations
David A. Dana teaches Intellectual Property Law
James E. Pfander teaches Civil Procedure
Stephen F. Reed teaches Advanced Corporations