Reciprocity Policy

Reciprocity Policy

Northwestern Law Students and Alumni Applying for Reciprocity

Northwestern Law students and alumni can request access to the career office at a law school in another city for a prescribed period of time by completing the reciprocity request form. Many law schools have blackout dates (usually in the fall) during which time reciprocity requests will not be granted. You will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of your reciprocity request as soon as Northwestern Law receives confirmation from the school(s) where you are seeking reciprocity.

Students and Alumni of Other Law Schools Applying for Reciprocity

Reciprocity is available to students and alumni of law schools that grant reciprocity to students and alumni of Northwestern University School of Law. The breadth of reciprocity privileges granted by Northwestern Law will not exceed (though may be more limited than) the breadth of privileges granted by the reciprocity seeker's law school to Northwestern Law students and alumni.

All requests for reciprocity must be submitted to Northwestern Law through the career office of the reciprocity seeker's law school. Law students and law alumni should contact the career office of their law school to initiate a request for reciprocity. Walk-in requests for reciprocity cannot be granted. The career office of a law school requesting reciprocity on behalf of a student or alumnus should send an e-mail containing the following information to the Career Strategy Center:

  1. Name of law school
  2. Student / law alumnus:
    • name
    • graduation year
    • email address
    • phone
  3. Requested date on which reciprocity would begin

Northwestern Law will notify by e-mail the reciprocity seeker and his/her law school career office that reciprocity has been granted or denied. Students and alumni granted reciprocity by Northwestern Law are required to present a hard copy of that email notification at the front desk of Northwestern Law's Career Strategy Center before using the facility.

Terms of Reciprocity at Northwestern Law

  • Reciprocity is valid for 3 months from the date granted.
  • Reciprocity can only be requested for 1 law school at a time.
  • Reciprocity does not include access to the online job postings database.
  • Reciprocity includes in-office access to hard copies of job listings, publications and directories, employer files and handout materials.
  • Reciprocity does not include access to counseling services or Career Strategy Center computers.
  • Reciprocity does not permit law students or law graduates to participate in any Northwestern Law sponsored recruitment program or to schedule interview appointments with prospective employers on Northwestern Law's campus.
  • Reciprocity is not available to law students or law graduates of Chicago area law schools.
  • Requests for reciprocity can be made to only one Chicago area law school per law student or law graduate.
  • When responding to a position posted through the Career Strategy Center, law students or law alumni must state in their cover letter that the listing was obtained through a reciprocity arrangement between the requester's law school and Northwestern Law.
  • Reciprocity is granted on a case-by-case basis. Northwestern Law reserves the right to deny or terminate reciprocity for any reason.
  • Reciprocity is not available at Northwestern Law during the fall recruiting season, August 1 through December 1, regardless of when it is initially requested or granted.