In an effort to expand the depth and quality of legal research, Northwestern Law students and faculty meet with visiting scholars, experts in various legal areas, to exchange views on cutting-edge research in law and related disciplines.

The Colloquium Series consist of workshops during which a leading scholar, often from other institutions but also sometimes our own, engages participants in a discussion about a scholarly work-in-progress. Through the Colloquium Series, students and faculty gain a broader understanding of how the law and legal institutions evolve and operate, and presenters receive valuable feedback and suggestions for how to expand or improve their research.

Each series has an organizing theme, either topical or methodological, including Advanced Topics in Taxation, Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Soshnick Colloquium on Law and Economics, and Public Law.

Any interested Northwestern Law student or faculty member may attend the workshops. Other outside academics are also regularly invited to attend and participate in the discussion. Please check with the faculty organizers of any series that you are interested in attending.

Up to 15 students enroll each semester in a seminar that is taught in conjunction with the colloquium. Participation in workshops is mandatory for students enrolled in the seminar. Students interested in enrolling should contact the Office of the Registrar.