International Law

The international law colloquium brings to the Law School leading interdisciplinary scholars of international law from around the country. Using empirical, economic, realist and other approaches, these scholars are deepening our understanding of treaties, international institutions like the World Trade Organization, inter-state litigation, and other important features of global governance.

Organized by Professors John McGinnis and Jide Nzelibe

Spring 2012

January 17
Michael Ramsey, University Professor, San Diego Law
"Two Forms of Argument from Custom"

January 31
Andrew Spalding, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, Chicago Kent Law
"Four Uncharted Corners of Anti-Corruption Law: In search of Remedies to the Sanctioning Effect"

February 14
Robert Delahunty, Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas
"Nationalism, Statism and Cosmopolitanism"

February 28
Christina Davis, Associate Professor at the Department of Politics and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
"WTO Adjudication as a Tool for Conflict Management "

March 6
Ian Hurd, Associate Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University
"Almost Saving Whales: The Ambiguity of Success at the International Whaling Commision"
"Is Humanitarian Intervention Legal? The Rule of Law in an Incoherent World"

April 10
Paul Stephan, John C. Jeffries, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Virginia School of Law
"Courts on Courts: Empathy and Autism in International Encounters"