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Law School Faculty Assistant Team Mission Statement

The Faculty Assistant team strives to maintain high standards of excellence in support of the Northwestern community, including the most interdisciplinary research faculty in the nation, accomplished student body, and dynamic law school departments.

The team shares an awareness that recognizes our strengths, diversity, talents, and contributions. We are committed to developing a professional team through shared knowledge and communication. We encourage professionalism, seek team involvement, and embrace creativity.

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Banks, Rhea - ALLM & ELLM Program, Visiting Scholars Coordinator
r-banks@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-0725

Bonds, Shona
shona-bonds@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-4852

Bopp, Sarah - Tax Program
sarah.bopp@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-3300

Brock, Jane - Technology Coordinator
janebrock@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-8544

Cooper, Michael - Faculty Workshops Coordinator
michael-cooper@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-1570

Haskin, Juana - FA Team Meetings & Functions Coordinator
jhaskin@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-0659

Pryor, Jazzma - Judicial Clerkships Coordinator
jazzma.pryor@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-2605

Jacobs, Tim - Visiting Scholars Assistance
t-jacobs@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-8340

Martinez, Maryanne - Professional & Continuing Legal Education Assistance
m-martinez@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-8988

Moore, Ashley - MSL Adjunct Support
ashley.moore@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-2088

Munshi, Sonali - Communication & Legal Reasoning (CLR)
sonali.munshi@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-5355

Peterson, Cara - Faculty Events
cara.peterson@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-3078

Reed, Allie - Dean's Office
aileen.reid@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-8460

Roberts, Angie - Student Services
a-roberts@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-2039

Ruderman, Kristina - JD Adjuncts
kristina.harris@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-1774

Zoeckler, Kelly - Budget Analyst
kelly.zoeckler@law.northwestern.edu | (312) 503-1413

Faculty Member Contact
Allen, Ronald Jacobs, Tim
Badawi, Adam Peterson, Cara
Barsa, Michael Haskin, Juana
Beller, Herb Bopp, Sarah
Bennett, Robert Haskin, Juana
Bienen, Leigh Martinez, Maryanne
Black, Bernard Cooper, Michael
Brown, Janet Pryor, Jazzma
Borman, Deborah Munshi, Sonali
Calabresi, Steve Haskin, Juana
Cameron, David Bopp, Sarah
Crane, Charlotte Cooper, Michael
D'Amato, Anthony Jacobs, Tim
Dana, David Haskin, Juana
Delaney, Erin Moore, Ashley
DeSanto, Jason Haskin, Juana
Diamond, Shari Cooper, Michael
DiCola, Peter Moore, Ashley
Dodier, Grace Munshi, Sonali
Falkoff, Michelle Munshi, Sonali
Foster, Mary Ruderman, Kristina
Francis, Clint Jacobs, Tim
Friedman, Ezra Brock, Jane
Haddock, David Martinez, Maryanne
Hanks, James Brock, Jane
Hill, Dana Munshi, Sonali
Hoeflich, Adam Cooper, Michael
Horwich, Allan Bonds, Shona
Hoskins, Richard Bonds, Shona
Hughes, Joyce Bonds, Shona
Inglehart, Elizabeth Munshi, Sonali
Jacobi, Tonja Martinez, Maryanne
Kadens, Emily Ruderman, Kristina
Kanter, Martha Munshi, Sonali
Kleinfeld, Josh Munshi, Sonali
Koehler, Jay Brock, Jane
Kontorovich, Eugene Jacobs, Tim
Koppelman, Andrew Brock, Jane
Kugler, Matthew Moore, Ashley
Larouche, Pierre Peterson, Cara
Lawsky, Sarah Cooper, Michael
Lee, Alex Peterson, Cara
Legrand, Pierre Ruderman, Kristina
Lindgren, James Haskin, Juana
Litvak, Kate Moore, Ashley
Lupo, Jim Brock, Jane
Lutz, Karl Martinez, Maryanne
Markell, Bruce Ruderman, Kristina
Martin, Christopher Munshi, Sonali
McGinnis, John Jacobs, Tim
McMasters, Jim Munchi, Sonali
Mollen, Abby Martinez, Maryanne
Muchman, Wendy Ruderman, Kristina
Mulaney, Ellen Haskin, Juana
Nadler, Janice Haskin, Juana
Narko, Kathleen Dillon Munshi, Sonali
Nzelibe, Jide Jacobs, Tim
O'Hare, John Ruderman, Kristina
Oster, Leslie Moore, Ashley
Pedraza-Farina, Laura Jacobs, Tim
Peery, Destiny Ruderman, Kristina
Pfander, James Brock, Jane
Pike, George Gregory, Daurina
Player, Candice Jacobs, Tim
Postlewaite, Philip Bopp, Sarah
Presser, Steve Jacobs, Tim
Provenzano, Sue Moore, Ashley
Redish, Marty Haskin, Juana
Riskin, Len Jacobs, Tim
Rosenbaum, Judy Munshi, Sonali
Rosen-Zvi, Issi Peterson, Cara
Rountree, Meredith Bonds, Shona
Rozema, Kyle Haskin, Juana
Rubinowitz, Leonard Jacobs, Tim
Ruder, David Martinez, Maryanne
Sanga, Sarah Martinez, Maryanne
Schanzenbach, Max Martinez, Maryanne
Schwartz, David Cooper, Michael
Silbernagel, Brian Munshi, Sonali
Shapo, Helene Bonds, Shona
Shapo, Marshall Bonds, Shona
Sheffield, Jeff Bopp, Sarah
Shoked, Nadav Brock, Jane
Silver, Carole Martinez, Maryanne
Speta, James Zoeckler, Kelly
Spies-Roth, Susan Roberts, Angie
Spitzer, Matt Martinez, Maryanne
Stratton, Maureen Munshi, Sonali
Thornton, John Munshi, Sonali
Tiller, Emerson Martinez, Maryanne
Tuerkheimer, Deborah Ruderman, Kristina
Weingast, Barry Peterson, Cara
Wooton, Bob Bopp, Sarah
Yuracko, Kimberly Brock, Jane
Zimmerman, Cliff Roberts, Angie

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