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Contributions to Books etc.

April 2018

January 2018


Periodical Articles

November 2016

  • From Contested Concept to Cornerstone of Administrative Practice: Social Learning and the Early History of U.S. Tax Withholding in 7 COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF TAX LAW 144-68 (2016).
  • The Curious Beginnings of the Capital Gains Tax Preference in 84 FORDHAM LAW REVIEW 2517-36 (2016) (Co-authored by: Julia C. Ott).
  • A Bridge Between: Law and the New Intellectual Histories of Capitalism in 64 BUFFALO LAW REVIEW 1-23 (2016) (symposium on “Opportunities for Law’s Intellectual History).


Periodical Articles

December 2014

  • Charles A. Beard and the Columbia School of Political Economy: Revisiting the Intellectual Roots of the Beardian Thesis in 2 CONSTITUTIONAL COMMENTARY 475-512 (2014).


Books and other Monographs

December 2013

  • Making the Modern American Fiscal State: Law, Politics, and the Rise of Progressive Taxation, 1877-1929 (New York: Cambridge University Press 2013) 2014 Society for U.S. Intellectual History Annual Book Award.


Books and other Monographs

December 2011

  • From Programmatic Reform to Social Science Research: The National Tax Association and the Promise and Perils of Disciplinary Encounters in Law & Society Review (2011) at Volume 45:3, 593-630 (Co-authored by: J. Thorndike).


Periodical Articles

December 2010

  • Lawyers, Guns & Public Monies: The U.S. Treasury, World War One, and the Administration of the Modern Fiscal State in 28:1 LAW & HISTORY REVIEW 173-225 (February 2010).


Books and other Monographs

December 2009

  • The New Fiscal Sociology: Taxation in Comparative and Historical Perspective , coedited with Isaac William Martin and Monica Prasa (New York: Cambridge University Press 2009).