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Books and other Monographs

January 2016

  • THE FUTURE OF THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION IN A CHANGING WORLD (Center for Strategic and International Studies 2015) (Co-authored by: Gerald Hyman).


Contributions to Books etc.

September 2007

Periodical Articles

October 2007

  • Twenty Years After Black Monday in THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY 30 (Fall 2007) (Co-authored by: E. Gerald Corrigan, and Manuel Johnson ).


Periodical Articles

March 2006

  • Balancing Investor Protection with Capital Formation Needs After the SEC Chamber of Commerce Case in PACE LAW REVIEW 26 (2005).


Periodical Articles

May 2005

  • Creation of World Wide Accounting Standards: Convergence and Independence in 25 NORTHWESTERN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW & BUSINESS 513-588 (2005) (Co-authored by: Charles T. Canfield, and Hudson T. Hollister).

April 2005

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Pre- and Post-Enron Responses to Corporate Financial Fraud: An Analysis and Evaluation in 80 NOTRE DAME LAW REVIEW 1103-1158 (2005) (Co-authored by: Yuji Sun, and Areck Sycz).


Books and other Monographs

August 2004

  • David S. Ruder is the author and one of the editors for Report of the Mutual Fund Directors Forum—Best Practices and Practical Guidance for Mutual Fund Directors (Mutual Fund Directors Forum 2004) .

January 2004

  • Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Executive Compensation and the Role of the Compensation Committee (National Association of Corporate Directors 2003) (Co-authored by: other members of the Commission).


Periodical Articles

September 1999

  • Developing High Quality International Accounting Standards in FINANCIAL REPORTING JOURNAL 3-7 (Spring, 1999).